Comics Challenge: Can you make a noisy ‘silent comic’?

This challenge is all about making as much noise as possible, as silently as possible! Impossible?

A noisy 'silent comic' by Fern Hinton
This brilliant silent but noisy comic was created by Fern Hinton, an MA student on UEA’s comics studies programme. You can follow her on twitter at @HintonFern

A ‘silent comic’ is a special name given to a comic without any words, either as captions or in speech bubbles. Famous silent comics include The Snowman by Raymond Briggs and The Arrival by Shaun Tan. However, all comics can make noise. Sometimes this is done through the use of sound effects – CRASH! BANG! WALLOP! Another way is through the clever use of drawings to show how sounds are being made. In the comic by Fern Hinton above, her drawings make a very noisy story. What sounds can you hear?

Why not try giving this a go yourself? What is the noisiest comic you can draw? What about a rocket launching, or a pack of wolves howling at the moon? Or maybe an annoying baby crying? Or all three at the same time! What might happen next….?

For more ideas about noisy comics, we’ve got some great activities about sound effects. Why not try the June Comics Challenge: SOUND FX COMICS!

Comics Challenge: Make your own ‘how to draw…’!

This challenge was created by Alice, an honouree member of Kingswood Comicals.

Lots of books or websites show you how to draw in easy steps. For example, we have got some great step-by-step activities on this website.

For this challenge, why not try to create your own? It can help you to think really carefully about the characters or objects you draw and the shapes you need to create them.

First you will need to draw six boxes, or use one of the blank comics pages here:

Then you will need to think really carefully about what you are going to draw. Will it be a character or object? You might want to draw the whole thing first of a piece of spare paper to help you to think about the shapes and steps you need to draw them.

Draw a little piece of the character or object in each box, and then add a bit more in the next box until you have finished the character by the last box. Write step-by-step instructions so that someone else can copy what you did.

Can you give your finished ‘how to draw’ to some one else? See if they can copy your character or object!

Here is some we made in our comics club!

Comics Challenge: Kawaii Rainbows

Recently you might have seen rainbows popping up in windows around where you live. Children (and adults!) have been drawing and painting rainbows to spread some cheer in the streets and to support the National Health Service (NHS). Why not make a super smiley rainbow in a Manga Kawaii style? Kawaii means cute in Japanese.

All you need is some bright colours to draw, paint or collage a rainbow. Then use black paint or a pen to add two cute eyes and a cheery smile! Below are some we’ve made and others we have seen on our local street. Why not share a photo of one you’ve made with us? You can show us at @ComicsClubBLOG