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I’m going to be at Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival in Harrogate at the weekend – find me at table 144a in the Ask for Mercy Hall (listed under the name Hannah Kate Sackett). Please come and say hi if you’re involved in running a comic club for children/young people or if you have any questions about starting a club.

All young cartoonists are welcome to come along and collect a free comics challenge sheet!



Autumn Comics Challenge


This comics challenge involves making comics and comic characters using the Autumn landscape.

The challenge is to collect some Autumn leaves and use them to make new comic characters and stories. You can photograph the leaves, then print out the photos and doodle on them, like I did, or you can use the leaves to make collage comics, and then photograph or scan the finished comics.

Leafy Characters

Leaves, sticks and seeds can also be used to create landscapes, settings, buildings and vehicles for your comics.


We’d love to see your club’s Autumn themed comics, so please get in touch if you’d like to share them on the blog, or share them with us on twitter @ComicsClubBLOG

Here are some worksheets to get you started with your Autumn comics challenge!

Leafy Characters

Leafy Landscape comic

More leaves