Hello! Neill Cameron here! In case you haven’t read my new book FREDDY VS SCHOOL – well, you SHOULD, because it is very funny and GOOD and you would LIKE IT. Anyway, I just wanted to pop by here to share some Freddy-related activities you get you writing and drawing your own robotic adventures at home!

First up, here’s a step-by-step guide showing you how to draw Freddy!

Download as a PDF:

And here’s me stepping you through it in a handy video from our friends over at The Story Museum!

And once you’ve got the hang of that, why not try making your own COMIC starring Freddy?

Download as a PDF:

If you haven’t met Freddy yet, you can read his adventures every week in Mega Robo Bros in The Phoenix, or in his new book – my first ever novel – FREDDY VS SCHOOL, about which here are some details!

Okay humans, listen up! My name is FREDDY. I live with my Mum and Dad. I go to school. Oh yeah, the MAIN thing: I am an AWESOME ROBOT! With awesome robotic SUPERPOWERS! But I’m hardly ever allowed to USE them, and definitely not at SCHOOL. Which is going to be a PROBLEM…

A hilarious first novel from Neill Cameron, creator of the Mega Robo Bros series and How to Make Awesome Comics, published by David Fickling Books.

Available from: Amazon | | Waterstones

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