Comics Worksheets

Here’s an archive of our downloadable activities so far- feel free to download and print off any of these to use yourself or with your club / group / scouts troop / evil supervillain society…

1: Stick Stories! Telling condensed versions of classic stories using stick figures!

STICK STORIES – download as a PDF!


2: Create a Character! Ideas and tips from comics genius Jamie Smart!

CREATE A CHARACTER – download as a PDF!


3: Comics Jams! Collaborative ‘what-happens-next’ storytelling exercise!

COMICS JAMS – download as a PDF!

Comics Jam STEP 1

4: Drawing Unicorns with illustrator extraordinaire Sarah McIntyre!

Download as a PDF: draw-the-unicorn

draw-the-unicorn (1)

5: Star In A Comic! Exercise in making yourself the star of a story!

STAR IN A COMIC – download as a PDF! 

Comics Challenge - COMICS STARRING YOU 1

6: How To Draw SOUND FX: All about how to express SOUND in comics – by Louie Stowell & Freya Harrison!

SFX comic – download as a PDF!

SFX comic_1




8: DRAWING EMOTIONS with Karen Rubins!

Download as a PDF: karen-comics-challenge-1-emotions

Karen Comics Challenge 1 - Emotions

9: Collage Comics!

Download Collage worksheets Collage Comics 01 and Collage Comics 02 as PDFs!

Collage Comics 01  Collage Comics 02



CREEPY COMICS – download as a PDF!

A4_Halloween Activity Sheet (3)

11. Weird and Unusual Creatures by Damon Herd

Microsoft Word - gulliver.docx

gulliver word list – download as PDF

6 panel grid – download as PDF





12. Start in the Middle and Take it Slow by Lydia Wysocki

comicsclubblog2  comicsclubblog1Start in the Middle – download as a PDF

Take it Slow – download as a PDF

3×4 grid

2×5 grid

13. Heritage Comics by John Swogger

Heritage Comic 01Heritage Comic 02

Instructions: Heritage Comic 01

Four panel grid: Heritage Comic 02





14. Strange Beast by Viviane Schwarz Download the strange-beasts worksheet

strange-beasts Viviane Schwarz


15. Lets Make a Comic by Jess Bradley. Download the worksheet: Jess Bradley worksheet

Jess Bradley worksheet

16. Horoscope of the week by Rhiannon Cook. Download here: Horoscope of the Week

Horoscope of the Week

17. Ancient Animals. Download the PDF: Ancient animals

Ancient animals

18. Sprays that do exciting things by Ben Thompson and the Stoneydown Park School Drawing Club.

S45C-918070610540 Spray template Black and white

Spray template colour

Spray template plain


19. Comic Characters by Jess Bradley

char2 Turnip





20. Draw Yourself as a…

Draw yourself 01

Draw yourself 01

Draw yourself 02

Draw yourself 03



21. Inktober Prompts

Prompts 01 Prompts 01

Prompts 02




22. Daily Diary. Download the PDF: Diary Challenge double page

Diary Challenge

23. Day in the Life.

Group comic – day in the life_01

Group comic – day in the life_02

24. Narrative Comics by Salford Comics Club


Narrative 6-panel-comics

Narrative 3-panel-comic




25. Leafy Comics

Leafy Characters Leafy Characters Sheet

Leafy Landscape comic

More leaves



26. Wildlife Spotter’s Guide. Download the PDF: Cartoon Creatures template

Cartoon Creatures Cog Town

27. Concertina Comics. PDFs: Concertina comic and  Concertina comic cases


28. Matt Hickey worksheets

Sound effects Sound effects

draw your pet in space and creepy comic

comic club thumbprint adventure bw and comic club thumbprint adventure blank

comic club nametags and comic club nametag secret origin

29. Words and Pictures

Words and pictures examples Words and pictures instructions

Words and pictures Sheet One

Words and pictures Sheet Two

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