Comics Worksheets

Every month here at Comics Club we host a Comics Challenge – ideas and activities to get kids writing, drawing and creating! Here’s an archive of our activities so far- feel free to download and print off any of these to use yourself or with your club / group / scouts troop / evil supervillain society…

1: Stick Stories! Telling condensed versions of classic stories using stick figures!

STICK STORIES – download as a PDF!

2: Create a Character! Ideas and tips from comics genius Jamie Smart!


CREATE A CHARACTER – download as a PDF!

3: Comics Jams! Collaborative ‘what-happens-next’ storytelling exercise!

COMICS JAMS – download as a PDF!

4: Drawing Unicorns with illustrator extraordinaire Sarah McIntyre!

draw-the-unicorn (1)

5: Star In A Comic! Exercise in making yourself the star of a story!

STAR IN A COMIC – download as a PDF! 

6: How To Draw SOUND FX: All about how to express SOUND in comics – by Louie Stowell & Freya Harrison!

SFX comic – download as a PDF!