Further Resources


Need more ideas? Need more resources? Need more COOL STUFF? We’ve got you covered!

You can find a full archive of the Activity Sheets Neill made to accompany his How To Make Awesome Comics series in The Phoenixarchived on the Phoenix website! Here are a few fun ones, to get you started:

  • finish off your very own Giant Robot Attack! [PDF]


  • or maybe an Alien Invasion? [PDF]


  • cut-up comics! Form a narrative out of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, some of them involving monkeys. [PDF]


  • or this one: cut out the panels and then try to leave out as many as possible while keeping the story intact, as an exercise in EDITING! [PDF]


  • fleshing out your characters! [PDF]



…as I say, there’s loads. Go check them out!


Wait, you STILL want more?

Okay! Here are some links to some really great resources you can find around the internet for Advanced Students of Drawing Comics:


Wally Wood’s 22 Panels That Always Work: a sort of ‘cheat sheet’ of effective panel layouts from the legendary EC Cartoonist. I highly recommend studying these and indeed just nicking them and using them in your comics for exciting and effective compositions. Available all over the internet, for example:



The Disney Comics Artist’s Toolkit: another cheat sheet of sorts; this one’s a seven-page long kind of complete comics artists training manual created as an internal presentation at Disney in the 1970’s by comic artist Carson Van Osten. It’s invaluable, and remarkable, and covers everything from perspective and staging to panel layout and figure construction – here’s a link that gives some background and has good-quality scans:


Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth by Andrew Loomis. Probably the best work on drawing the human figure I’ve ever encountered, an absolute gold-mine of a resource. Available from all good bookshops (and indeed Amazon) or as a free PDF download here:




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